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    The Registrar, Cooperative Societies, appointed by the Lt.Governor, Delhi under Delhi Cooperative Societies Act, 2003, heads the Cooperative Department and plays a pivotal role in monitoring the functioning of Cooperative Societies registered under the Act. The Lt.Governor also appoints other persons to assist the Registrar and has designated them as Joint Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Assistant Registrar and other field/ministerial staff. 
    The Office of the Registrar is working on nine-district pattern and has nine Zones headed by Assistant Registrar level Officers. Each zone handles the matters of various cooperative societies on the basis of their registered office located in that particular zone. All issues concerning in particular society are examined at the zonal level only.

    Method of dealing with complaints:

    When a complaint is received in the Cooperative Department, it is examined in the concerned branch/section. If need be, the comments of the concerned society/official/non-official is called for. After examination, if required inspection u/s 61 or inquiry u/s 62 or surcharge proceedings u/s 66 are ordered by the Registrar. If the complaint falls within the purview of Section 70/71, the complainant is accordingly advised to file Arbitration case.

    Time schedule of disposal of applications/references:


    S.No Title Days
    1 Approval of proposal of Registration of a new Cooperative Society 90 Days
    2 Amendments in Bye-laws of the Cooperative Society as per initiative of the Registrar 90 Days
    3 The settlement of disputes which may be referred for Arbitration. 90 Days
    4 Approval of resignations and enrollments of members in Housing/Group Housing Society 60 Days
    5 Approval for expulsion of Members 180 Days
    6 Under Right to Information Act, any member or creditor having interest in the affairs of the Cooperative Society may seek information/certified copy of any Documents 30 Days
    7 Others (Miscellaneous matters) 60 Days



    Financial Assistance under the State Plan Schemes and the Centrally Sponsored schemes

    In order to promote the activities of the Registered Cooperatives Societies, the Cooperative Department have prepared many schemes which are in vogue in respect of sectors, such as, women welfare, SC/ST,Thrift & Credit Societies, Primary cooperative stores. The eligible societies are given the financial assistance under the following State Plans schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes:

    1. State Plans Schemes
      1. Organizing Sehkari Bazaars
      2. Consumption Credit to SC/ST members
      3. Market Development Assistance to Leather Cooperatives
      4. Financial assistance to Women Cooperatives
      5. Financial assistance to Labour and Construction Cooperatives
    2. Centrally Sponsored Schemes
      1. Assistance to Weaker Sections of the socity.
      2. Special schemes for SC/ST
      3. Kisan Credit Card schemes
      4. Constructionof cold storage in the cooperative sector availing of financialassistance through National Cooperative Development Corporation
      5. Award for Cooperative Excellence

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