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Change of Category unilaterally is not allowed

Office of The Registrar, Cooperative Societies
Delhi Admn. Old Court's Building,
Parliament Street, New Delhi - 110 001.

No. F. 47/GH/Coop./2976-3475 Dated 22.9.92

Subject: Change of Categories

Complaints have been received from some of the members of Group Housing Societies that the categories opted by the members and accepted by the society is subsequently changed unilaterally without the consent of the members, on the ground such as non-payment of the cost of flats as per demand raised by the society. This action on the part of a society is unlawful. In case of default in payment the society is at liberty to initiate action for expulsion of the member in terms of Rule 36 in addition to charging interest for delayed payment.

Now, I.S.M.S. Chaudhary Registrar, Cooperative Societies in exercise of the powers conferred upon me under Rule 77 of Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 do they hereby direct all the Group Housing Societies not to change the category of flats unilaterally. Category once allotted should remain till the allotment of flats.

(S.M.S. Chaudhary)
Registrar Cooperative Societies


Last Updated Date :- 21-06-2018

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