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Circular on Providing Data to RCS by Societies for Computerization

Office of The 
Registrar Cooperative Societies (Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi)
Old Court's Building, Parliament Street,
New Delhi-110001 

No. 37(235)/2000/EDP/Coop./1299-1302 Dated: December 20, 2000

Directive Under Rule 77 of The Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973

Whereas the Department of Information and Technology, Delhi Govt. has identified nine major Public dealing Departments to be computerized and go on-line by year 2002 and Cooperative Department is one of these Departments.

Whereas in order to proceed in this direction necessary information has to be collected from all the societies registered in Delhi with a view to put it on the computer so that general public has the relevant information on line.

Whereas a format for collecting necessary information from all the societies for their effective monitoring of the functioning has been evolved which is annexed.

In order to get the task accomplished in time, I, R.K. Srivastava, Registrar, Coopera­tive Societies, exercising powers vested in me under rule 77 of the DCS Rules, 1973 do hereby direct all the cooperative societies registered in Union Territory of Delhi under Delhi Cooperative Societies Act, 1972 and Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 to fill in the necessary information in the format attached and submit the same by 3 1.01.2001. The information has to be submitted periodically thereafter on annual basis at the close of each financial year.

This directive is being published in the “Sehkari Patrika” which will be further circulated to all the registered societies in Union Territory of Delhi.

(R.K. Shrivastava)
Co-Operative Societies

Copy to:

1. All the Registered Cooperative Societies in U.T. of Delhi.
2. Sh. P.M. Sharma, C.E.O., Delhi Cooperative Union, Delhi with the direction to publish the same in Sehkari Patrika.

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