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Circular Regarding Charges of Documents

Office of The Registrar
Cooperative Societies Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Old Court’s Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi-1 

U.O. NO. F.37 (285)/2001/EDP/Coop./6-9 Date : 02-1-2002

EDP Unit

In accordance with the provision under Rule 8 (B)(2) of the Delhi Right to the information Act 2001 and further with the approval of Registrar Cooperative societies Vide Diary No. 3768/PA/RCS dt. 12.12.2001 it has been decided to charge the fee for supplying computerize list of societies to private person/firm/agencies as under :

“Rs. 5/- per page of the list. It may be noted that list of complete category will be supplied and not a part of any category”.

Applicants are to deposits the entire amount of fee to cashied before applying for any such list and then may apply for the same in prescribed application form (copy enclosed) along with T.R. 5 receipt.

(Krishan Kumar)
Joint Registrar

1. P.M.Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Delhi State Cooperative Union, Darya Gunj, New Delhi
2. Deputy Registrsr(Policy) , Registrar Cooperative Societies
3. Account Officer.
4. AR(Coordination)

Form ‘A’
Form of application for seeking information
(See Rule 3)
I.D. No.----------------------
(For Official use)

The Competent Authority,

1. Name of the Applicant
2. Address
3. Particulars of information
a) Concerned department :
b) Particulars of information required :
i. Details of information required :
ii. Period for which information asked for:
iii. Other details :
4. I state that the information sough does not fall within the restrictions contained in Section 6 of the Act and to the best of my knowledge it pertains to your office.
5. A fee of Rs.______________has been deposited in the office of the competent authority vide No __________ dated ______________.

Place :
Date :

Signature of Applicant
E-mail address, if any :

Tel. No. (Office)___________________

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