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Co-operative societies which may be registered

(1) Subject to the provisions herein after contained, a co-operative society which has its object the promotion of economic, social and cultural interests of its members, in accordance with co-operative principles, or a co-operative society established with the object of facilitating the operations of such a co-operative society, may be registered under this Act with limited liability: 

Provided that a co-operative society shall be registered only if it fulfils the viability norms with limited liability as prescribed for a co-operative society or class of co-operative societies to ensure that it is economically sound and its registration may not adversely affect the development of co-operative movement.

(2) The word "limited" or its equivalent in any Indian language shall be the last word in the name of every co-operative society registered under this Act with limited liability. 

Last Updated Date :- 09-05-2018

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