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    Room No.
    Sh. Devinder Singh, IAS (AGMUT: 2002 ) Secretary (Cooperation)-cum-Registrar
    email id:
      23742938 1
    Fax: - 23340939
    Ms. Krishna Devi P.S. to Secretary (Cooperation)-cum-Registrar   -do- 1
    Sh. Ranjeet Singh, Additional RCS

    Additional RCS

    Housing section 1,3,7, & 8, Administration Branch, CTB, Banking, Policy,  SEE Fund, CEF, Audit approval more than 3 years, section 61 read with Rule 82 & 83, Section 86 (2&3),  read with Rule 99, T/C.

    Sh. Padmakar Singh Tripathi, Jt. RCS



    Porta Cabin
    Sh. P. R. Tripathi, Jt. RCS

    Competent Authority under DRTI Act, all Appellate Cases U/s 139 of DCS Act 2003 in r/o all sections and branches, all cases U/s 91 of DCS Act 2003 in r/o of all housing sections, Audit Approval less than 3 years, Vigilance Branch, Accounts Branch, Administration, CTB, Policy. He shall also work as Head of Office of Cooperation Department..

    Sh. Ranjeet Singh, Additional RCS 23744492
    email id: 
    Sh. Sudhakar, DANICS/DRCS

    H/Sec-5,6,7&8, IT & office Automation, Recovery Branch, Legal Branch, e-litigation, Audit Branch, Arbitration Branch, Arbitration Cases U/s 70 of DCS Act 2003 in r/o housing sections H/Sec-5,6,7&8.

    Dr. Atish Kumar, DRCS



    Sh. Tariq Salam, DANICS/DRCS

    H/Sec-1, 2, 3 & 4, Coordination, Planning, R&I, Nodal Officer (PGMS, PGC, CPGRAM, e-SLA, Door-stepdelivery of services), RTI Branch, FAA under RTI Act 2005 for all sections and branches, Arbitration cases u/s 70 of DCS Act 2003 in r/o housing sections H/Sec-1, 2. 3 &4. Sh. Sudhakar, DRCS



    Porta Cabin

    Sh. Satish Kumar Gupta, Ad-hoc DANICS/ARCS

    H/Sec-03 (F, G, H, I, J), Legal, elitigation, Monitoring of all court cases

    Sh. Joseph Baxla   47
    Sh. Ajit Kumar,  Ad-hoc DANICS/ARCS

    H/Sec-07 (S), IT & Office Automation, e-SLA, Door Step Delivery of Services

    Sh. M.G. Sathya


    Sh. Gulshan Kumar Ahuja, Ad-hoc DANICS/ARCS

    Banking Branch, Policy branch & Housing section-8 (i) X, Y, Z.

    Sh. Satish Kr. Gupta

    email id:

    Sh. M. Guna Sathya, Ad-hoc DANICS/ARCS 

    H/Sec-01(A, B), Vigilance, Administration, CTB, R&l, T&C (Sec.1 to 8)

    Sh. Gulshan Ahuja

    email id:

    Sh. Tanuj Bhanot,  Adhoc DANICS/ARCS


    Sh. Surinder Narang

    email id:

    Ashfaque Ahmed Arfi, Adhoc DANICS/ARCS PGMS, L.G Listening post, RTI, eRTI, Coordination Branch, Nodal Officer PG3C     7
    Sh. Surinder Narang , Adhoc DANICS/ARCS H/Sec-05 (N, O) and Audit. Sh. Atul Marwah    
    Sh. Atul Marwah, Adhoc DANICS/ARCS H/Sec-04 (K, L, M) & H/Sec-06 (P, a, R) Sh. Tanuj Bhanot    
    Sh. Joseph Baxela, Adhoc DANICS/ARCS H/Sec-02 (C, D, E) Sh. Ajit Kumar

    E-mail ID:-


    Smt. Geeta Mehta 

    Assistant Director , Library


    email id:

    Sh. J. S. Rawat

    Accounts Officer

    DDO, A.O, Accounts Branch

    Smt. Kavita Rani

    Assistant Accounts Officer

    Cooperative Education Fund, SEE Fund, Recovery Fund.

    email id: kavita[dot]rani42[at]gov[dot]in
    Sh. I A Khan

    DASS/Section Officer

    Housing Section-3 (F-J) and CTB


    Sh. Tilak Raj

    DASS/Section Officer

    Housing Section-4 (K-M), Legal & Coordination


    Sh. Harbans Lal

    DASS/Section Officer

    Housing section -7(S)


    Sh. Rajender Statistical Officer EDP Cell   email id:rajender[dot]21[at]gov[dot]in 07
    Sh. Ajay Polkondwar Statistical Officer, DCT   email id:23748132 
    email id: 
    03 & 05
    Admin. Branch          22
    C.T. Branch     23742991 
    Education Fund     23361614  09
    Arbitration Branch     --
    Vigilance Branch     --  28
    Recovery Branch     23361614 39
    Audit Branch     -- 15
    Sh. Alok Aggarwal Chairman, DCT   23812804, 23812805 Vikas Bhawan-II

    Last Updated Date :- 09-05-2018

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