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Definition of branch for Audit Purpose

Office of The
Registrar Cooperative Societies (Delhi Admn.)
Court's Building, Parliament Street,
New Delhi-110 001 

No. F- 10 1/35/Msc./Audit/83-84/1 699 Dated 15.11.1985


With reference to this Office Order No. F-101/35/Misc./AuditIB4/Cooperative 6215 dated 20.12/1 984 and the Order No. 101/35/3100 dated 11 July, 1985 it is clarified that separate audit fee for each branch is payable to an auditor @ Rs. 100/- per 1,000/- Rupees of:

i) Working Capital of that branch in case of a Urban Cooperative Thrift and Credit Society or banks; or

ii) Sales of that branch in case of a Consumer Cooperative Store; or

iii) Turn over in case of all types of other Societies such as Housing, Industrial, Agricultural Credit and Non-Credit Societies, etc.

This branch audit fee is subject to a minimum of Rs. 100/- and maximum of Rs. 500/- per branch.

Explanation: A “Branch” of a Cooperative Society means and includes a branch having it’s separate staff, business premises and account books such as ledger, receipt and disbursement account and stock registers, etc.

(Sanat Kaul)
Cooperative Societies, Delhi Admn.

Last Updated Date :- 22-06-2018

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