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Disputes Settlement

DCS Act/Rules provide for arbitration machinery for settlement of disputes between member and Managing Committee of societies. A society member or any other person concerned with the disputes as per provisions of Act can file an arbitration case by depositing the arbitration fees.If the disputes is admitted by Registrar then the petitioner has to deposit 3% of the total claim (maximum Rs.5000/- and minimum Rs.200/-) as arbitration fee. Then the matter will be referred to arbitrator for disposal of the case. The arbitrators are appointed by the Registrar. The arbitrator then passes the award U/S 61 of DCS Act after hearing the parties to the disputes.The award/order passed by the arbitrators is appeal able within 60 days before the cooperative Tribunal, Delhi whose decision is final.DCS Act/Rules also provide for execution of award passed by Arbitrators. The blank form No. 17 with regard to arbitration can be obtained from the Arbitration cell of RCS office personally 

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