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Election Fee to be charged by as RCS office

Office of The Registrar Coop. Societies,
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Parliament Street, New Delhi-110002

NO. F.6(1 2)/96/Estt./COOp./646Dated : 5/2/97

In order to streamline the work of conduct of election of Cooperative Societies by the Department, the Registrar, Cooperative Societies has been pleased to lay down the following norms and rate of ‘FEE’ to be paid to the Officers/Staff deputed to attend the location work:

The following rates of fee are fixed for the officers Election staff deployed to conduct the election of Cooperative Societies. These payments will be further subject to the provisions of SR 12:-

(a) For Returning Officer/ Election Officer

S No. Total number of member of Society Rate of Fee
1. 1 to 500 Rs. 375/-
2. 501 to 1000Rs. 750/-
3. 1001 to 5000Rs. 1800/-
4. 5001 and above/Apex BodiesRs. 2250/-

Assistant Returning Officer appointed in category (3) shall be paid Rs. 375/- and Assistant Returning officer in category (4) shall be paid Rs.750/-.

(b) For Other Staff 
Class - IV Rs. 75/-
Grade – IVRs. 105/-
Grade - III Rs. 120/-
Grade – II Rs. 135/-

In case election proceeding continue after 8 P.M. double payment of ‘FEE’ shall be paid to the Other Staff present.

2. No Govt. transport will be provided by the Department. The expenditure towards transport arrangement shall be made by the society concerned.

3. Electricity and water charges @ Rs. 200/- shall be paid by the concerned society for their use.

(J.P. Agarwal)
Deputy Registrar (Admn.)

No. F.6(12)1961E5tt./COOp./64T6O Dated 5/2/97

1. All JRs/DRs/ARS/ & other branch Officers.
2. PA to RCS.
3. Guard file

(J.P. Agarwal)
Deputy Registrar (Admn).

Last Updated Date :- 21-06-2018

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