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Execution of housing project

(1) On allotment of land to, and possession thereof by the co-operative housing society, the committee shall appoint the architect and the contractor with a provision that construction shall be completed as per time limit fixed for completion of construction of the housing project of the society in the sanction letter conveying approval of layout and building plans by the sanctioning authority under the applicable building bye-laws or within five years from the date of sanction of layout and building plans by the competent civic authority, whichever is earlier, with the prior approval of the general body:

Provided that if due to unforeseen circumstances, the aforesaid time limit cannot be adhered, the committee shall approach the Government for further extension of time to complete the project with the approval of its general body at least one hundred and eighty days in advance and failure to adhere to the above time limit by the committee shall be an offence. 

(2) After the appointment of the architect and the contractor the committee shall finalize the likely cost, the time for the execution of the project, the size, category and design of the flats with a five years defect liability provision to attend defects in the construction by the concerned contractor and all incidental matters thereto and get the approval of the general body. 

(3) During the construction period, there shall be, at least, two special general body meetings every year besides one annual general body meeting to give progress report to the members.

(4) No escalation in cost of the project, and the time fixed for the execution thereof shall be extended by the committee without the prior approval of the general body. 

(5) There will not be unilateral change of category or size of flat by the committee without giving an opportunity to the concerned member of hearing after communicating to him the grounds for change of category or size and preference shall be given to the existing members in case of any vacancy falling in the higher category.

(6) All proposals as above, shall be approved by the general body in a meeting by a majority of not less then two-thirds of the total membership of the co-operative housing society.

(7) It shall be the responsibility of the committee to ensure quality and structure stability of the project and the availability of all facilities including electricity, water, lifts, sewage, roads, mandatory green and landscape, etc. before allotment.

(8) The Registrar may issue directions and guidelines from time to time in public interest for timely execution of the project.


Last Updated Date :- 10-05-2018

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