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Govt Servants shall not become Members of the Managing Committee

Delhi Administration
(Services Department) 

No. F.38/40/78-S1 Dated: 30.01.1979

Office Memorandum

Under the provisions of A.I.S. (Conduct) Rules. 1968 and G.O.S. (Conduct) Rules, 1964 the Govt. servants can become a member in any Cooperative Society duly registered under the law without obtaining previous permission for the same. However, it is likely that some officer of officials have to deal certain matters in their official capacity In respect of such Cooperative Societies in which they are members. It is therefore clarified that no officer/official should deal in an official capacity with the case of a Cooperative Society of which he is a member. They should also not become members of their Managing Committee.

(B. Prasad)
Deputy Seceretary (Services)
Delhi Administration,

No. 1(2)/76-Estt./Coop./Dated the … Feb. 1979

Copy forwarded for information and strict compliance to

1. All Assistant Registrars Coop. Societies. Delhi.
2. Research Officer Coop. Societies. Delhi.
3. Office Superintendent Coop. Societies. Delhi.
4. P.A./R.G.S./J.R.G.S./D.RCS

(P.G. Sharma)

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