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List of Sections

After collection of necessary papers/guidelines on payment of necessary charges, and filling in the same, the applicant should contact the  Assistant Registrar, Office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Parliament Street, New Delhi as per the following tables:

S.No. NAME OF ZONE LOCATION Alphabet (Range)
1. Section-01 AR(Section- 01), Parliament Street A-B
2. Section-02 AR(Section-02), Parliament Street C-E
3. Section-03 AR(Section-03), Parliament Street F-J
4. Section-04 AR(Section-04) Parliament Street K-M
5 Section-05 AR(Section-05) Parliament Street N-O
6 Section-06 AR(Section-06)Parliament Street P-R
7 Section-07 AR(Section-07) Parliament Street S-S
8 Section-08 AR(Section-08) Parliament Street  T-Z

Last Updated Date :- 25-06-2018

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