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M and C Charges of Members

Delhi Development Authority
Office of The Principal Commissioner

No. F.7(79)95/GM/95 Dated: 11th February, 1999

Office Order 

Office Order F.7(105)93/GH/DDA dated 2.5.95 and 25.8.95 deals with requests relating to increase/reduction of membership strength of CGHS. Honble L.G. has been pleased to approve the modification of these orders as below:­

1. All cases of increase of membership will be subject to condition that concurrence of the Registrar of Cooperative Society shall be obtained by the society.

2. The society shall file a declaration on oath to the DDA and RCS that they will fill-up the vacancy of membership created due to resultant increase in strength of membership by calling applications from eligible persons after giving due public notices in the National Daily newspapers (in Hindi and English). A copy of each of the public notice shall be sent to the DDA and RCS.

3. In case the number of applicants are more than the vacancies, the draw of lots shall be held in the office of the RCS in the presence of the applicants and representatives of the DDA and RCS.

4. The society shall inform at least 15 days in advance all the concerned in writing regarding the date, time and venue for draw of lots.

5. The result sheet of the draw shall be signed by all present during the draw and a copy ol each shall be handed over to the representatives of the DDA and RCS.

6. A copy of the result sheet shall, displayed on the official notice board of the office of th DDA and RCS.

The process of enrolling members shall be initiated by the society only after receivinh written concurrence from RCS and DDA and not otherwise.This order comes into effect immediately.

(A. Ramaswamy)
Principal Commisioner

Copy to:­

1. OSD to LG for information of latter.
2. OSD to VC.
3. Commissioner (Planning)
4. Commissioner (LD)
5. Commissioner (Housing)
6. Director (RL)
7. Director (Building)
8. Registrar Coop. Societies, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
9. Coop. G.H. Society Branch.

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