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Minimum and Maximum Membership in Group Housing

Office of The Registrar:   Coop Societies: Delhi   Admn:
Old Courts’ Bldg: Sansad  Marg: New Delhi

No.   ………………… Dated ………………….


It has come to the notice of   the office that the Cooperative Group Housing Societies registered since 1983   are not sticking upon the minimum number of members stipulated by the department   in view of the policy decision taken in this matter. Some societies are also   coming to this office seeking clarification as to what is the viability norms   prescribed for the Group Housing Societies. 

Now, therefore, it is   clarified that the following are the viability norms prescribed for Group   Housing Societies registered since 1983:

1. Minimum membership :   60

2. Maximum membership : 300 (the number of members   should be in multiples of 15 preferably).

3. Area of operation : Union Territory of Delhi.

  1. 5. Minimum share required   to

become a member of the   society: One share of Rs.   100/- 

This issues for the   information of all Cooperative Group Housing Societies registered with this   office.



Registrar   Coop. Societies.


1. All Officers of the   Department.

2. All societies through Sahkari   Magazine.

3. Chief Executive Officer,   Delhi State Cooperative Union, 31, Netaji Subhash Marg, Darya Ganj, New Delhi.   for publication In Sehkari   Magazine.

Last Updated Date :- 20-06-2018

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