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New Registration

The complete set of registration papers; application along with schemes are initially received from the chief promoters and are scrutinizes by the Zonal Assistance registrar of the Department to ensure 
(a) viability of a society;
(b) its conformity with the Cooperative Societies Act and Rules. 
The required documents are as follows:

  1. Model Bye Laws (four copies) 
  2. Intensive inquiry Performa 
  3. list of Promoter members 
  4. Copy of promotional meetings resolution, wherein resolving name of the Society, value of share money, admission fees, liabilities, total number of members of managing committee, annual submission fees etc.

Enrollment of a new member in a cooperative society
A resident of Delhi can become member of the society if he fulfills the conditions laid down in registered bye laws of different types of societies. The person can become member in an industrial, or a transport society if he is actual worker of the type of the society. He is also to ensure that he is not a member of other society of similar type. In case of housing societies an applicant for membership should not have any plot/flat in his name or in the name of any dependent member of his family and should also be resident of Delhi for a minimum period of 3 years on the date of application.

Last Updated Date :- 08-05-2018

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