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No Change in the category of flat by the society

Office of The
Registrar: Cooperative Societies
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Old Court's Building, Parliament Street
New Delhi-110001

No. F. ARPIf. 3/93/RCS/2343-2352 Dated: 22.9.93 

Directives Under Rule 77 of The Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules 1973 

Instances have come to notice where there is dispute between the member and the society regarding the category of the flat to which a person is entitled. Reference is Invited to the directive issued under Rule 77 on 22.9.92 providing that the society shall not change the category of the flat unilaterally and in case a member makes default in the payment of his dues to the society, proceedings for expulsion under Rule 36 can be initiated in such cases.

It is, therefore, necessary that a column should be provided in the application form for admission of members indicating the category of flat for which the member has applied. The first receipt given to the member on account of deposit made towards the cost of the flat will indicate the category of the flat for which the amount is received.

All the cooperative group housing societies are directed to comply with the aforesaid requirements immediately. This directive is issued in exercise of the powers conferred upon me under Rule 77 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973.

(S.M.S. Chaudhary)
Cooperative Societies

Last Updated Date :- 20-06-2018

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