No Election by Management in case of show cause notice

Office of The Registrar Cooperative Societies
Govt. of Delhi
Old Courts Building, Parliament Street
New Delhi-110001

Directive under Rule 77 of Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973.

Proceedings under section 32 of Delhi Cooperative Societies Act, 1972 are initiated against those Managing Committees of Cooperative Societies who fail to carry on the business of the concerned Cooperative Societies in accordance with the provisions of Delhi Cooperative Societies Act and Rules framed there under, or for their failure to carry out the statutory duties cast on them under the Delhi Cooperative Act & Rules. It has been ob­served that some of the Managing Committees against whom proceedings under section 32 are pending before the Registrar Cooperative Societies, manage to conduct elections for the next managing committee either on their own or through the zonal office of the Deptt.

It is not appropriate to allow the managing committee of the society, whose conduct in carrying out the business of the society is under investigation under section 32 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Act, to be at the helm of affairs for conduct of elections of the managing committee as the electoral list, defaulters’ list and other documents relating to conduct of elections are prepared by the incumbent managing committees and possibility of manipulation of records to thwart a free and fair elections cannot be ruled out.

In view of the above I, R.K. Shrivastava, Registrar, Cooperative Societies in exer­cise of powers vested in me under Rule 77 of Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 do hereby direct that no election will be held by the incumbent managing committees of coop­erative societies for election of next managing committee till proceedings under section 32 are pending before the Registrar Cooperative Societies.

(R.K. Shrivastava)
Registrar Cooperative Societies

No. F 47/1 06/Policy/RCS/2000-2001/1993-2008 Dated : 20/07/2000

Copy to

All Cooperative Societies in Delhi through Concerned Zones

The Chief Executive Officer,
Delhi State Cooperative Union Ltd.,
31, Netaji Subhas Marg, Daryagani, 
New Delhi-i 10002. --with the request to publish in 

(B.M. Sethi)
Dy. Registrar (Policy)

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