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Norms prescribed for allotment of flats by Societies

Office of The
Registrar Cooperative Societies (Delhi Admn.)
Court's Building, Parliament Street,
New Delhi-110001 

F.No. 20 (140)/83-84/DCHFS Dated 30.1.1984

Extract of Decision taken by DDA for Group Housing Cooperatives

1. Allotment of Flats to members of Cooperative Group Housing Societies on the basis of a new concept of Habitable Dwelling Unit with bare basic necessities.

(a) The concept of the Habitable unit with bare basic necessities as envisaged by the Board of Directors of the DOHES in its Board Meeting held on 25.5.1983 incorporates a provision that if in a group housing project structure be ready sewerage and water connection sanitary fittings and electric points are provided and if society obtains C & D forms from D.D.A. the eligible members be allowed to occupy flats. Remaining work like wood work distemper etc. can be undertaken by members in due course.

(b) In the Group Housing Societies, now flats can be allotted to the eligible members verified by the Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Delhi if the struc­ture of the buildings of society is completed and 70% of the work of the project is completed However, in the draw as per directive of Registrar, Cooperative Societies if a member is even in default in respect of a single paisa he may not be allowed to participate in it.

(c) Now members will be allowed to occupy the flats in the group housing society after issue of C & D forms by the D.D.A.

2. Penalty for belated construction from Group Housing Societies.

All the pre 1979 Cooperative Group Housing Societies may be allowed to complete construction upto 31.3.1985 or within a period of 4 years from the date of taking over possession of site which ever is later, without payment of any penalty for belated construction. Further, extension of time will be subject to payment of penalty for belated construction at the prescribed rates.

Yours faithfully 

(Sanat Kaul)
Cooperative Societies, Delhi Admn.

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