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Notice to Member for Admission or Cessation Expulsion

Registrar Cooperative Societies [Delhi Admn.]
Courts Building, Parliament Street,
New Delhi - 110 001 

No. F-46/H/B/Coop./88  Dated: 10th June, 1988 

Directive under Rule 77 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 to all the House Building, Group Housing Societies regarding Admission of new Members.

A number of complaints have been received to the effect that the communica­tions sent by the Presidents/Secretaries of the Cooperative Societies specially Group Housing/House Building Cooperative Societies to the Members under Certificate of Posting, had not been received by the Members. It was also brought to the notice that as a result of such communications stated to have been sent by post under Postal Certificate action for admission/cessation, expulsion and resig­nation etc. against members was taken by Managing Committee of these Coopera­tive Societies. It was alleged by the concerned members to whom such communi­cations were reported to have been sent by U.P.C. that in fact the communications were not sent to them.

With a view to ensuring that the communications meant for the members relating to the important matters of admission. Cessation of membership and expulsion etc. reach the members in time and later on allegation about their having not been sent by post are not raised. It is considered necessary that a directive for successful conduct of the Business of the Cooperative Societies is issued in this behalf.

I, V.P. Suri, Registrar Cooperative Societies do hereby give a directive to the P residents/Secretaries of all the Cooperative Societies Particularity Group Housing Cooperative Societies/House Building Cooperative Societies, Cooperative Banks, Thrift & Credit Societies etc. under Rule 77 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 that any communication addressed to the Members of all types of Cooperative Societies Registered under the Cooperative Societies Act. 1972 in respect of Admission, Cessation of Membership, expulsion should invariable be sent by Registered post to such members giving reasonable time as stipulated in the relevant bye-laws Rules and Act etc.

A copy of the letter sent to the members in respect of such matters should be sent to the Deputy Registrar/Joint Registrar Cooperative Societies. The Managing Committee of all the Societies are advised to adopt a resolution giving effect to this directive and a copy of the resolution so passed should be sent to the concerned Deputy/Joint Registrar Cooperative Societies.

(V.P. Suri)
Registrar, Cooperative Societies 

Copy to:

1.Presidents/Secretaries of all the Societies by Registered Post under the Delhi Cooperative Societies even if Registered under the Bombay Cooperative Societies Act. as extended to the Union Territory of Delhi.

2.All Joint Registrar/Deputy Registrars Cooperative Societies, Delhi Ad­ministration, Delhi.

3.Secretaries of all Group Housing Societies.

4.Secretaries of all Cooperative Banks, T/C Cooperative Societies, Indus­trial cooperative Societies, Industrial Cooperative Estates, Cooperative Multi-purpose Societies etc.

5.Sehkari Magazine for publication.

Registrar Cooperative Societies

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