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Notification for Training

Office of The Registrar, Cooperative Societies
Delhi Administration,
Parliament Street, Old Court's Building
New Delhi – 110001

No. F/36/DSCTC/90 Dated: 25.1.1990


In supersession of this office Notification No. F:34(30)/79-R&S/Coop./1004 dated 5.11.1985 and in pursuance of Rule No.50 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Delhi, I, K.S. Mehra, Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Delhi, hereby prescribe the Diploma in Cooperation (Junior Basic Course in Cooperation of 24 weeks) from the Delhi State Cooperative Training Centre, Delhi, as an essential qualification for appointments against the post of Clerks, Managers, Accountants, Supervisors and any other cl6rical I managerial / supervisory paid staff by whatever have known in the following types of Cooperative Societies w.e.f. the issue of this Notification.

1. Primary Cooperative Thrift & Credit Societies.
2. Urban Cooperative Banks and Financing Bank.
3. Federal Cooperative Societies.
4. Primary Cooperative Industrial Societies.
5. Consumers Cooperative Societies / Stores.
6. Multipurpose / Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies.
7. House Building / Group Housing Cooperative Societies.

The above mentioned types of Cooperative Societies shall not recruit un­trained persons as employees and shall strictly follow the essential qualification as prescribed above. Provided, however, if any Cooperative Society fails to get a suitable trained person, the society may appoint employees on temporary basis subject to the condition that the said employees shall be sponsored for training in 24 weeks Diploma in Cooperation from the Delhi State Cooperative Training Center, Delhi, within one year after appointment. Those who are already employed in the above types of Cooperative Societies on the above mentioned categories of posts shall acquire this qualification before 1.1.1995, failing which they shall not be confirmed / promoted to higher posts. The persons / employees of cooperative societies who have already acquired Diploma in Cooperation from any of the training colleges run by the National Council for Cooperative Training, New Delhi shall be deemed to have acquired the essential qualification prescribed in this Notification. For existing employees of Urban Cooperative Banks, the Diploma Course in Urban Cooperative Banking 12 weeks duration conducted by the Delhi State Cooperative Training Centre, Delhi will be an essential qualification for confirmation / promotion and for new recruitments the Diploma in Cooperation (Junior Basic Course in Cooperation of 24 weeks) will be an essential qualification for appointment. The Managing Committee / Board of Directors of the above mentioned cooperative societies shall be responsible for compliance of this Notification with immediate effect and violation in this regard will be treated as a serious irregularity / offence and action as deemed fit will be taken against the concerned society.

(K . S. Mehra)
Registrar, Cooperative Societies,
Delhi Administration

Last Updated Date :- 22-06-2018

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