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Payment of Education Fund by GH Societies

Office of The
Registrar Cooperative Societies (Delhi Admn.)
Court's Building Parliament Street,
New Delhi - 110 001 

No. F-26( 1)/CEF/86 Dated:17.6.1986

Sub. Contribution to Cooperative Education Fund by Group Housing Societies. 

As you may be aware, section 48 of the Delhi State Cooperative Act, 1972 provides that a Cooperative Society shall, out of it’s net profit in any year, credit such portion of the profit not exceeding 5% as may be prescribed to the Cooperative Education Fund Constituted under the Rules. Rule 80 lays down that every Cooperative Society shall credit a sum calculated at 2% of it’s net profit, Subject to a maximum of Rs. 2500/- every year for contribution to the Cooperative Education Fund to be Administered by the Registrar. The fund is being kept in the State Bank of India. Parliament Street. New Delhi and the Lt. Governor, Delhi has Nominated a Committee which advises the Registrar for the Administration of the Cooperative Education Fund. Any such amount payable by the Society is a Charge on the Funds of the Society.

The Utilisation of the Cooperative Education Fund is for the following purposes:

a) Cooperative Education and Training Programme run by the Delhi State Cooperative Union in according with the approved Scheme of Govt. of India and Delhi Administration.

b) Publication of Cooperative Literature and for Running Cooperative Printing Press.

c) Conferences Seminars, Inter-State and International Cooperative Study Tours.

d) Production of visual aids including purchasing and maintenance of mobile cinema van and films.

e) Maintenance of Cooperative Library.

f) Research work for the promotion of Cooperative Movement.

g) Construction of Sahkari Bhawan for the Training Centre and Offices of the Union and its maintenance etc.

h) Any other activity which is essential for the Development of Cooperative Movement and is approved by the Registrar, Cooperative Societies Administration Committee.

The Collection of the Cooperative Education Fund was further reviewed in the 19th Meeting of the Committee on Cooperative Education Fund held on 23rd April, 1986 at 11.00 A.M. Para-Il of the minutes of the Meeting of the Committee states that since all the Group Housing Cooperative Societies who are not liable to pay any Cooperative Education Fund in Terms of Rule 80 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules 1973 may be requested to pay @ Rs. 1/- per members per year as contribution towards the Cooperative Education Fund Purely on Voluntary Basis. The payment is to be make w.e.f. current Cooperative year 1985-86 and onwards. The justification for this contribution is that all the Group Housing Societies will be utilising the Sahkari Bhawan, a project already sanctioned by the Govt. of India and founded by the Delhi Administration and shall be benefited by participating in the Inter-State study tours, Seminars workshops etc.

To be organised by the Cooperative Education Fund. Hence, it is proposed to involve all the Registered Group Housing Societies both old and new in this project.

Agreeing fully with the Recommendations of the Committee on Cooperative Education Fund, I, G.P. Sewalia, Registrar hereby appeal to all the Group Housing Societies Registered in the Union Territory of Delhi to come forward and make the desired contribution in cash or by cheque drawn in favour of the ‘COOPERATIVE EDUCATION FUND DELHI.

Cooperatives Societies, Delhi Admn.

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