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Permission not required from R.C.S. for admission of Member

Office of The
Dispute of Membership shall not be referred for Arbitration under section 60
Registrar Cooperative Societies (Delhi Admn.)
Courts Building, Parliament Street,
New Delhi – 110001 
Dated: 8.11.1983

The Secretary,
Cooperative Group Housing Societies Ltd.
Sub.: Directive under Rule 77 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973.


I supersession of all previous instructions on the subject, it has been decided that there is no need to seek prior permission for accepting resignations and enrolment of new members. The Societies may accept resignations of such members as are willing to do so in writing as provided in the Act, Rules & the Byelaws. However, the enrolment of the new members be taken up strictly as per Rule 30 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973. Cases of expulsion under Rule 36 of Delhi Coop. Societies Rules, 1973 would continue to be sent to the Registrar Cooperative Societies for approval.

Yours faithfully,

(S.P.S. Bhatti)
Joint Registrar Cooperative Societies

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