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Proof of Residence not necessary for Clearance of Membership

Office of The Registrar: Cooperative Societies
Govt. of Delhi
Old Court's Building: Parliament Street
New Delhi- 110 001.

No. PA’RCS/94/1 56-70Dated: 24.2.94


It has been noticed that objections are raised by the office in some cases on the point of proof of residence in Delhi for membership clearance in Cooperative Housing Societies. In this connection it is clarified that requirements of proof of residence has been dispensed with in the case of freeze list members of cooperative house building societies. This decision was taken by the competent authority in the case of Maj. Vinod Dua of New Rajdhani Coop. House Building Society. The matter regarding non-freeze list members is under submission.

In the case of cooperative group housing societies, decision was taken long back to dispense with the requirement of proof of residence in Delhi. We have gone further to delete this clause from the bye-laws of these societies. We have already issued a notice to all the cooperative group housing societies under Rule 16 of Delhi Coop. Societies Rules, 1973, to amend their bye-laws by deleting the clause of requirement of residence in Delhi for the membership at the time of enrolment. In view of this, whether a person is residing in Delhi or outside Delhi becomes an irrelevant issue.

In further, AR/DR (Policy) should circulate all such important policy decisions to all the officers.

(S.M.S. Chaudhary)
Registrar, Coop. Societies

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