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Regularization of Draw of Lots by Coop

Office of The Registrar
Cooperative Societies Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Old Court’s Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi

Draw of Lots

No. F.36/PoIicy/RCS/1289Dated:- 13/3/96


You are aware that some of the cooperative group housing societies have conducted the draw of lots of flats themselves without consulting/involving the office of the Registrar, Cooperative Societies and the DDA and in some cases the group housing societies have also conducted their draw even without the verification of membership by this Department. In such case the required action under the OCS Act 1972 and Rules there under has already been taken against the M.C. of the society for violation of the directive issued by this office under Rule 77 of DCS Rules, 1973. However, in order to finalise the matter and also with a view to see that innocent members of these societies do not face problems on the execution of the sub-lease deed of their flats by the DDA in their favour, It has been decided that all such societies be asked to take the following action immediately so that their cases may be forwarded to DDA for consideration and regulansation of allotment of flats:

i) In the case where the society has conducted the draw of lots without getting Its membership verified/cleared by the Department, the society should submit the requisite documents required for the clearance of membership Including the affidavits so that the names of the members may be considered for clearance. After the Clearance the allotments will have to be ratified by the G.B.
ii) In the cases where the society has conducted the draw on Its own after clearance of membership by the Registrars Office, the society may be asked to produce a general body resolution ratifying the allotment and Individual NOCs from the members; as well as an under taking from the management of the society that there in no complaint from any of the members about the procedure adopted In conduction the draw.

In both the above categories, a certificate from the society that upto date audits have been conducted.
This is a one time relaxation given to the societies who have already conducted the draw on their own, However, the D.Rs/A.Rs may ensure that In case any more society commits such an irregularity, lmmedl atraction may be taken against them In consultation with the DDA. 

(Geeta Sagar)
Registrar, Cooperative Societies

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