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Resignation and Fresh Enrollment of Membership

Office of The
Registrar Cooperative Societies (Delhi Adm.)
Old Court Building, Parliament Street,
New Delhi - 110001

No. F-47/GH/Directive/90-91 Dated: 7.6.1990 

Directive Under Rule 77 of Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973

Sub. Resignation and fresh enrollment In Cooperative Group Housing Societies 

In exercise of the powers vested in me under Rule 77 of Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 I, K.S. MEHRA, Registrar Cooperative Societies, Delhi do hereby direct that the earlier directive No. F-47/GH/Directive/89-90, dated 26.3.1990 issued on the above subject shall stand modified to the following extent.

1. While forwarding the case of Resignation to the Registrars Office, a photo copy of the letter of resignation be sent instead of the original letter as mentioned in the directive dated 26.3.1990.

2. In the directive dated 26.3.1990 a period of 60 days has been prescribed for conveying objections, if any, by the Department to the Society before return of the money to the resigned member. This period is now, reduced to 30 days, but no enrolment will be made by the Society during this period of 30 days against the vacancy so caused. However, if any resigned member is desirous of obtaining refund of his deposits earlier, he may approach the Assistant Registrar/Deputy Registrar (Group Housing) with the proof of his identity so that the Department can convey its No Objection to the Society forthwith, in such an event the Society will be free to refund the amount to the resigned member and also enroll a new member without waiting for the expiry of 30 days.

3. Further, all the Societies are required to furnish an upto date list of their members as on the date of issue of this directive. The list of members as on 31st March, every year as contemplated under Rule 37 of Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 is to be sent to this office by every Society in the coming years without fall, in the Performa already prescribed.

4. It is also hereby clarified that the directive issued on 26.3.1990 was in supersession of the one issued on 17.6.1986 on the same subject. This directive dated 263.1990 is hereby modified shall come into force with immediate effect.

(K.S. Mehra)
Registrar, Cooperative Societies

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