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Right to Information

A RTI Cell (Room number 38) has been created in this Department to receive applications from the citizens who intend to seek any information pertaining to branches/ zones working under Cooperative Department and make the same available to the applicant. The required information will be supplied to the applicant within 30 days of receipt of application. In case the applicant fails to get the information within 30 days of submission of application or is aggrieved by the response received within the prescribed period he may file an appeal to the First Appellate Authority 

Your Right to Know
RTI Act, 2005 RTI Rules-2005
RTI Act, 2005 Form Download Know Your PIOs
Delhi Right To Information Act, 2001 DRI Rules, 2001
Provision in DCS ACT, 2003 Provision in DCS Rules, 2007
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Particulars of organization
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Power and duties of officers/Employees.
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Procedure for Decision Making
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Norms for discharge of functions
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Rules,Regulations for discharge of functions.
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Statement of Boards, Council, Committees and other bodies constituted
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Details of consultative committees and other bodies.
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List of boards,councils,committees and other bodies.
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Directory of officers/employees.
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Monthly remuneration of officers/employees.
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Budget allocated to each agency.
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Execution of subsidy program.
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Particulars of recipients of concessions,permits.
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Information available in an electronic form.
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Facilities available for obtaining information
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Particulars of PIOs.
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