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    Role of Registrar

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    Right from the Registration of a Cooperative Society till the cancellation of its registration, the Registrar acts as friend, philosopher and guide to the cooperatives and ensures that Cooperative Societies function in accordance with the Cooperative Act. In fact the Registrar is "Trimurti" of the Cooperative movement. The main functions of the Registrar are as under:-

    1. Registration of Cooperative Societies; 
    2. Registration of amendments in the Bye-laws of Cooperative Societies; 
    3. Amalgamation, Division and re-organization of Cooperative Societies; 
    4. Ensure timely Election of the Managing Committee in Cooperative Societies; 
    5. Conduct elections of Managing Committee in primary cooperative banks and federal cooperative societies; 
    6. Ensure proper investment of funds by Cooperative Societies as per Act and Rules; 
    7. Conduct audit, order inspection, enquiry and also fixing surcharge on negligent functionaries of cooperative societies;
    8. Settle disputes of Cooperative Societies through the process of arbitration. 
    9. Function as an appellate Court; 
    10. Enforcement/execution of Orders, Awards and Decrees of various Courts; 
    11. Order winding up and cancellation of registration of defunct/non-functional societies. 
    12. Operating Cooperative Education Fund for training, education, propaganda and publicity programme for the development of Cooperative Movement in the NCT of Delhi. 
    13. To frame/amend Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 from time to time. 
    14. Issue Instructions/directives for the promotion of business of different type of Cooperatives; 
    15. To approve proposals for enrolment, resignation and cessation of membership in Housing Cooperative; and 
    16. To frame, execute and monitor various beneficiary schemes approved by the Central /State Govts, including financial assistance to various sectors of Cooperatives.

    Last Updated Date :- 14-05-2018

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