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Submission of list of members for Clearance by RCS

Office of The
Registrar Cooperatives Societies [Delhi Admn.]
Court's BUILDING, Parliament Street,
New Delhi – 110001 

No. 3(1)/86/Coop./Legal/975-981 Dated: 2.7.86 
Directive under Rule 77 of Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 

Sub.: Submission of the list of members by the society for clearance and the conditions imposed for such clearance of membership by Registrar, Cooperative Societies for allotment of Flats/Plots on respect of Group Housing/House Building Societies.

a) Complaint have been received that some of the Group Housing/House Building Societies while making a reference for clearance of the name of Members for allotment of flats/plots do not forward all the names in single lot. There had been allegations, particularly in case of House Building Societies that such references are made to this office only when the members pasters the office bearers of the society persistently or otherwise oblige them through unlawful means.

In order to check this practice the Secretaries/Presidents of the Group Housing/House Building Societies are hereby 
directed furnish the names of all eligible members which should be atleast equal to the number of available flats/lots. 
In case where the list sent to us all short of the available flats/plots, the society should specifically spell out the 
reasons for withholding the names of other members available with them before the case is considered.

b) Complaint have also been received that the Societies after getting the names cleared from this office for allotment 
of flats/plots do not include all these cleared names in the draw on one ground or the other. Members not aware of the fact, continue to the office of the society or to this office for getting the matter expedited.

In order to mitigate public grievances in his account all the Secretaries/Presidents of the Group Housing/House Building Societies are here by directed that all the names cleared by this office should be included in the forthcoming draw of lots.In case the society feels any difficulty in including the name of member in the draw because reason, which come to its notice, exercised with the concurrence of this office only. At best, the society may put a rider and include the names in the draw provisionally, reasons for which should be explained to this office and necessary approval obtained before the allotment to such member is withheld.

Instructions are being issued to the Officers of this Department that copies of orders clearing the names of the members and for that purpose any other order under which a benefit accrues or is withdrawn to and from a member, be endorsed to the concerned member also.


Copy for information and necessary action to: 

1. All the Cooperative Group Housing/House Building Societies Registered in Delhi, through 'SAHAKERI' MAGAZINE.

2. Editor, 'Sahkari' Magazine Delhi State Cooperative Union, 31 Netaji Subhash Marg Darya Ganj, New Delhi for information of all concerned.

3. General Manager, Delhi Cooperative Housing Finance Society Ltd., with Direction to circulate among the member Societies.

4. All the Joint Registrar, Dy. Registrars, Assistant Registrars to ensure strict compliance of the aforesaid directive.

5. Dy. Director (Cooperative Societies), D.D.A. Vikas Sadan, I.N.A. colony, New Delhi.

6. Guard File of Group Housing/House Building Sections.

(G.P. Sewalia)


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