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Verification of Membership for Allotment of Flats Procedure

Office of TheRegistrar Cooperative Societies (Delhi Admn.)
Courts Building, Parliament STREET,
New Delhi – 110001 

No.F-47/Misc./84/NGH/Coop:/666 Dated 25.4.1985

(To be published in Delhi Gazette Part-IV)

Sub. Directive under Rule 77 Delhi Coop. Societies Rules, 1973

Whereas number of representations have been received in this office from physical handicapped persons who have acquired membership of different Coop­erative G/H Societies representing that keeping in view their physical disablement suitable direction may be issued to the societies to make reservation of certain flats on the ground floor for this category of persons.

These representations have been carefully considered and it has been decided from the date of issue of this notification, every Cooperative Group Housing Society shall be obliged to reserve 1 % of the ground floor flats for physically handicapped members or their dependents of the concerned Cooperative Society.

Now therefore, I SANAT KAUL, Registrar Cooperative Societies in exercise of the powers vested in me under Rule 77 in Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973 in the interest of successful conduct of the business of the Group Housing Societies do hereby direct that all Cooperative Group Housing Societies shall from the date of issue of this notification make reservation not exceeding 1 % of the ground floor flats for the physically handicapped members including their dependents; if any. Such of the members as claim to be covered under this special provision for allotment will be required to make written application to the Managing Committee with supporting certificates. The Managing Committee will consider such request on merits and shall place its report regarding allotment against reserved flats. The allotment will become effective only after General Body in its sitting has approved the allotment. 

(Sanat Kaul)
Cooperative Societies, Delhi Admn.

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