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Withdrawal of Directive for Residence Proof non-requirement

Office of The Registrar Cooperative Societies
Govt. of Delhi 
Old Court's Building 
Parliament Street
New Delhi- 110001 

No.F.47/LegnhfPolicy/Coop/92/    Dated: 03/01/2001


1. Attention of all concerned is invited to the Notification No.F.47/LegaJfPOliCY/Coop./92i1594-1605 dated 22-4-97 vide which clause No. (v) of Sub Rule (1) of Rule 24 has been inserted in Delhi Cooperative Societies Rules, 1973, making it mandatory for an applicant for membership of Housing societies to be the resident of Delhi for a minimum period of three years at the time of applying for membership of such societies. It is calcified that in view of the above amendment of Rule 24, the earlier circular of the department No. F.47/GHICoop/9215849-5900 dated 16-12.92 and circular No.PAIRCS/94/156-170 dated 24-2-94, dispensing with the requirement of proof of residence for membership in the Group Housing and House Building Societies respectively, are deemed to have been inoperative and hence withdrawn. Similarly the notice No.F.8/93/AR(L)JRCS/35/1035 dated 12-1-1994 issued to the Group Housing societies under Rule 16(2) of the Delhi Coqp. Societies Rules, 1973 calling upon such societies to carry out amendments in their bye-laws is also deemed to have been inoperative and hence withdrawn.

2. In view of the above, all housing societies are bound to strictly observe the eligibility conditions for membership as per their registered byelaws and the provisions of Rule 24(1) of Delhi Coop. Societies Rules, 1973.

3. Accordingly, the eligibility of members of Group Housing/House Building Societies for the purpose of approval of such membership for clearance of flat/plot will continue to be examined with reference to the registered byelaws of the concerned society and Rule 24(1) Delhi Coop. Societies Rules, 1973.

Copy to:

1. Joint Registrars (R.K. Srivastava)

2. Deputy Registrars Registrar Coop. Societies

3. All Zonal ARs

4. Presidents/Secretaries of all GH/HB Societies through Zonal ARs.

5. President, Delhi Coop. Union, Netaji Subhash Marg, Daryaganj, New Delhi-2 
with the request to publish in Sahkari Patrika’. 

Last Updated Date :- 20-06-2018

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